For 25 years we have lived with Lisa Tucci for individual shoe creations that are made with a lot of passion and a sense of quality. Behind all is Alexander Loffeld. He leads the successful family business with roots in South Limburg with a lot of passion - hence the brand slogan "Driven by instinct".

Our guiding principle is the love of the product, the passion during the production and the courage to be creative. In this way we develop hand in hand each season unique, high quality collections, where the focus is primarily on comfort. We know Lisa Tucci appeals to a specific target group that sets a high value on quality, durability and timelessness prefers above seasonal trends. Forus it is very important to individual-fairly every woman's individual needs. In the last 25 years we have dedicated ourselves with Lisa Tucci with commitment of brand and product development and are gone through ups and depth.

Our label has become a large customer base that is enthusiastic about our extraordinary creations and strongly identified with Lisa Tucci. The special feature of our shoes: They are made ​​of exquisite leather and fine materials and able to compete in terms of quality, therefore, to many industry competitors. We are especially proud of our specially designed heels that not only attract attention, but also are unbreakable.  


From 1994 to 2009, we manufactured in Portugal. But to evolve our brand further, we placed then a creative pause - a reorientation was needed. Finally, we opted for a return to Italy, where Lisa Tucci already produced in its infancy. We had the feeling to come with our brand finally back home. Now our latest collections will be produced in small factories with the utmost love and care made-always with the aim of every woman's feeling of exclusivity, our special "LisaTucci feeling".