Creative Pause

LISA TUCCI is always sculpting the future, and our drive to push new boundaries for footwear continues. We are always experimenting with colours, silhouettes and materials. But we know that 'new' consumers are very aware of the products they buy, and wear, and its interaction with the environment. Together, we want to express our ideas, emotions, feelings and desires for our lives.

Nobody will deny that Lisa Tucci stands for this trend, always has done and always will. For us..... it is not a trend, but part of our philosophy.

For this entire process we need a lot of energy and passion and for the moment we just don't have enough of both. That's why we decided to take a creative pause (again) and

will come back if we are full with ideas, energy and passion. There is no time table but it will happen.

For information, comments or compliments, just send us an email (right top corner).

Keep calm and enjoy life...